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Welcome to Mommy Life After PhD (, a website created and managed by Jennifer. Jennifer is a proud mother of four children and understands the challenges and joys that come with balancing work demands and home life. This platform serves as a hub where mothers can come together, share experiences, provide support, and grow together.


The purpose of this website is to provide a space for mothers to connect and find support and inspiration. The content on Mommy Life is a mixture of personal stories and actionable tips that aim to make the shared journey of motherhood easier and more enjoyable. The objective is not to champion perfection but to celebrate imperfections and find joy in the midst of responsibilities.


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Mommy Life is a platform created by Jennifer, a mother who understands the trials and triumphs of balancing work and family life. This website aims to inspire, connect, and support mothers in their journey. The inclusion of sponsored content, advertisements, or affiliate links is disclosed to maintain transparency. Rest assured, any recommendations and opinions expressed are honest and based on personal experience. Mommy Life values the privacy of its visitors and will take necessary measures to protect personal information.

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